INMOS Factory

"The building design evolved as a single-storey steel structure conceived as a kit of rapidly erectable parts, with maximum off-site prefabrication to allow the building to be erected bay by bay.The basic concept of Phase 1 of the building is a central linear circulation and service spine with internal wings for specialized activities. The spine...acts as an internal street or informal promenade, generous enough in size to contain vending machines, public telephones, seating, meeting places, planted areas and waiting areas for the offices. It provides total visual security control and is intended to link up with other future phases of building on the site, so that all the facilities in all the buildings are readily available to all staff."

— Barbie Campbell Cole and Ruth Elias Rogers, ed. Richard Rogers + Partners. p61.,4,25,485

Not a bad place to work, either.

It would have been interesting to see extensions follow the same pattern, but this was not to be.

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