The English Rose Kitchen

"May 7, 1945. MD of C.S.A. Industries of Warwick scratches head and wonders what to do with all the aluminium they had stockpiled. During the war they had used it to manufacture nosecones for Spitfires, but the the Allied Victory effectively brings business to a halt."

"Certain designs are so strong that they maintain their popular appeal and influence for decades. The fabulous, Crème de la Crème kitchen is inspired by such a design. The famous 1950's 'English Rose' was developed by CSA Industries, a Company who made nose cones for Spitfires. The cabinets were originally built like aircraft, from stockpiles of high grade aluminium. Our Crème de la Crème kitchen is a detailed recreation of the original, now built from wood and painted and hand polished just like our cool kitchen, but with its own range of colours such as Sweet Almond Cream as shown."

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