ID Cards

April 2009 : Darling fails to back ID cards

"Chancellor Alistair Darling failed to give unqualified backing to the government's £5.4bn National Identity Scheme yesterday after media reports that top cabinet ministers were planning to scrap the ID cards programme."

June 2009 : So what we do when ID Cards 1.0 finally dies?

"UK Identity Card 1.0 is in deep trouble. It's running late, and if the Conservative Party wins next year's election it'll be scrapped. Its original architect has changed his mind, and even some Cabinet members are starting to see it as a needless expense. But if we pull the plug, what then?"

July 2009: Government under fire over ID cards

"The government has been critisised over its decision to press ahead with the national ID card scheme following home secretary Alan Johnson's announcement that carrying an ID card will never be compulsory for British citizens.",1000000189,39669770,00.htm

September 2009 : ID card ad campaign to launch later this year

"The Home Office is to spend over £500,000 this year on a marketing campaign for the identity card which features cartoon fingerprints.",1000000189,39777012,00.htm?s_cid=260

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