Buddhism In The West - Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

"To establish the practice lineage, it must be passed down through realizations of the teachings on view, meditation and conduct. Whatever instructions are given to us must be completely understood through our own personal experience. Only then will our own realizations be real and equal to the realizations passed down to us. By embodying, or holding, realization in this way, we can actually free ourselves from the suffering of samsara and cyclic existence and fulfill the greater motivation of benefiting others. With time and the consistent effort of many people dedicating their lives to finding meaning through the practice of dharma we can really establish the practice lineage."

"We have to think long term; thinking about a few centuries is actually very short term when we think about mankind and what might serve mankind best. Technology and science have contributed much to the progress and comfort of mankind. If however, the true spirit of human beings is to flourish in a genuine and positive way, it will depend on how much dharma is there in the world—not just dharma in name, but dharma in essence."

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