Dudjom on Smoking

"I would like to mention that I first encountered Dudjom's comments delivered orally, in 1968, and at that time it was with reference to narcotics, i.e., the plant which grew from the breast of the demoness was marijuana; thus, the admonition was with reference to smoking marijuana. In time, that admonition was extended to any sort of smoking, and this is clearly evident herein.

The context in which I heard about this may be interesting to some of you. I was being interviewed by the F.B.I. in connection with immigration matters impacting the Tibetans, and at one point, I was asked, "Well, what is the position of Nyingmapa lamas on smoking marijuana?" I answered, "Oh, everybody is dead set against drugs, but everybody is afraid to come out and say so because they feel it would alienate the people they're trying to reach.""

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