Fashion photographer embraces Buddhism

"Fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith has all the qualities that professional photographers share – he is passionate about his job, he is creative and sensitive, and he has a seemingly endless energy supply. The minute you begin talking with him, you will instantly feel those qualities.

But Arrowsmith is no easy match, in terms of both professional career and love life stories.

The North Wales-born celebrity snapper has taken pictures of everyone from David Bowie to the Dalai Lama. He shared a flat with Paul McCartney when the Beatles were still called The Quarrymen."

"For the 67-year-old Arrowsmith, Buddhism is the most wonderful thing. But there is another very important thing for the senior photographer – work, he said.

“Work is everything. It’s like meditation. When I take a picture, it’s the focus, the concentration. I do costume, make up, hair, for the models, then I copy it with beautiful light. I with a camera, to copy the moment.”

Arrowsmith said he does not do landscape photography, because the view is already there. He’s also less interested in going to war zones to take photographs. When asked what the most fascinating thing is in being a fashion photographer, he does not hesitate for a second but answers, “it’s new every time.” "

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