.epub eBooks Tutorial - Part 2 - How to Make an ePub eBook by Hand

"ePub (also know by: EPUB, .epub, or other variations on capitalization) is a free and open standard for for eBooks (electronic books) maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The ePub file format was designed to be open (anyone can use it or create it) and re-flowable (the text can be re-sized and re-arranged to suite whatever display it's being read on). Ideally, it will catch on as the standard for ebooks. "

"[...] this page is about making ePub files by hand. When the format first came out, there weren't any tools to make ePub files, so this was the only way to go. Now there are several (see the section above for reviews of some of them) and there really isn't a need to do this the hard way anymore. Nevertheless, I feel it's beneficial to know the guts of something, whether it's to fix a weird error, or to know what that program is really doing."

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