High Level vs Low Level Book Promotion Techniques

"High Level Book Promotion Techniques

These are marketing techniques where you’re using or creating systems that do promotional work for you whether you’re at the computer or not. While they might not sell books for you indefinitely, they can chug on, working in your favor even if you take a week or two off from being an Internet Presence.


Giving away free ebooks (as I’ve mentioned before, short stories can work fine) [...]"

"Low Level Book Promotion Techniques

If you look at my examples of high-level promotion, you’ll see they’re all about doing work today that continues to have a payoff down the line. I believe you can “make it” pursing nothing but two or three of those techniques, but most are the sorts of things that take time to build momentum. If you’re like me, and have the patience of a three year old, you may want to try some low level techniques to help sell books right now.


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