On the Mamos, the Dharmapala Princlple and Mahakali Vetali

"If we engage in basically wholesome and constructive activity, and our minds are genuine and straitforward, and our community and society is likewise, this invokes and attracts a natural blessing into our activity, what we call "drala" or "good energy" or the "Way of Beauty" or a hundred other names. Then again if we engage in negative, aggressive, perverted behavior, this spreads its own contagion in the world and invites more of the same negative energy. This is what the "turmoil of the mamos" refers to. Turmoil of the mamos, being connected with the feminine force, is more especially connected with breakdown of people's connectedness, their social fabric, dysfunctional families, betrayal of loyalties -- "perversion of passion" in that sense. It also refers to illness and disease, the body-mind energies being distorted and out of balance. A protector's practice is traditionally done at the close of the year to help clear away accumulated negativites. That is why we do the practice to Pacify the Turmoil of the Mamos at this time. "

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