9 reasons why HTML5 will change online publishing

"#1: HTML5 will provide local storage to speed engagement and make things available offline.
#2: A mobile HTML5 site can be used among numerous platforms, from iPhones to Androids.
#3: Mobile sites can replicate the feel and usability of a custom-made app.
#4: Pages can be updated in real-time, so users can see new comments without having to reload the page.
#5: Media can be used, embedded and shared more easily without needing plug-ins.
#6: Dragging items from the desktop to a browser will encourage interactivity.
#7: Better SEO, especially for flash-based sites. Currently, flash-based content does not get recognized for SEO purposes.
#8: An outline structure that will allow publishers to better manage their headers.
#9: Typography additions will allow for more fonts."

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