Passpack as a Start Page

As Google have announced the end of iGoogle I thought I would look for an alternative. 

I've been using Passpack to manage my passwords and it occurred to me that all the links I would want on a start page are already there.

I've marked the 'start page' links as 'favorites' and set Passpack to open to this page. So in this way I have my start page.

The benefit of this is that I only have to manage things in one place - I do everything from Passpack.  The downside is that Passpack doesn't have anything like widgets that show you a preview of what's behind each link - it's just a list of links.

Having Passpack open all the time encourages me to make sure that my usernames and passwords are all up to date. It is also convenient to star a link as a favorite and then find it on my 'start page'.

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