Odd Boy Blues - Ted Stilles

Recorded by Ted Stilles ( for Aro Books worldwide ( for an advertisement for An Odd Boy ( by Doc Togden

 "I've been reading the new offering from Aro Books Worldwide, Doc Togden's "An odd boy volume two". It tells the true story of the blues band, Savage Cabbage. In the late 60's they were preparing to fill the void left by the breakup of Cream. Ahead of their time and filled with dreams it appears life had other plans for them...Told from the point of view of a young englishman lost in the blues, its a riveting look inside the world of four young lads trying to find their way during the height of the psychedelic blues era. A must read for the artist in all of us." -- Ted Stilles

 An Odd Boy - volume one ( from Lulu (
An Odd Boy - volume two ( from Lulu (

Image of Ted Stilles by Doc Togden


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