Plethyn - Blas y Pridd" & "Golau Tan Gwmwl

I recently found a copy of a 22-year old cassette of Plethyn's 1979 recording Blas y Pridd gathering dust in my father-in-law's collection. Plethyn, I found out later, was a legendary folk trio from Powys, Wales, formed in the 1970s by Linda Healy, John Gittins and Roy Griffiths. This was the Welsh-language band's first recording.
The tunes often sound familiar, but not -- in most cases -- the lyrics. Plethyn blends traditional songs with their own compositions in a framework of three voices, guitar and mandolin, often with lyrics by poet/dramatist Myrddin ap Dafydd.

Blas y Pridd is an inspired collection, and is free of the kind of nods to contemporary music styles that often make a record seem dated five years after it's released. "

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