Tantric View of Nonattachment, by Francesca Fremantle

"Tantra says that the starting-point, the path and the goal are one. So any practice (the path) can never be separated from the goal of increased consciousness and bliss. This motivation is all-important, especially in connection with nonattachment. There must never be a negative rejection, but a positive making-way for something greater. We are taught to experiment with sensations and reactions, but it must always be done with joy and awareness. If we give up something we like or do something we dislike, it is in order to understand the subjective, relative nature of attachment and revulsion, and to experience their true essence, the ‘one taste’ of spiritual bliss. And whatever pleasures we enjoy, we should try to realise that they are not for the benefit of the lower self, but are offerings to the divine buddha-nature, which is both the enjoyer and the object of enjoyment."

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