Welsh and Sanskrit

Having stated that there are Welsh and Sanscrit words which correspond, more or less, in sound and meaning, I here place side by side a small number of such words, in order that the reader may compare them.

Aber, a meeting of waters, an outflowing; Avon, a river; Aw, a flowing Ap, apah, water; apaga, a river; Persian, ab, water; Wallachian, apa
Anal, breath Anila, air
Arian, silver
Aur, gold
Ara, brass; Gypsy, harko, copper
Athu, to go At'ha; Russian, iti
Bod, being, existence Bhavat, bhuta
Brenin, a king Bharanda, a lord; Russian barin
Caer, a wall, a city Griha, geha, a house; Hindustani, ghar; Gypsy, kair, kaer
Cain, fine, bright Kanta, pleasing, beautiful;
Kana, to shine
Canu, to sing Gana, singing
Cathyl, a hymn Kheli a song; Gypsy, gillie
Coed, a wood, trees Kut'ha, kuti, a tree
Cumro, a Welshman Kumara, a youth, a prince
Daear, daeren, the earth Dhara, fem. dharani
Dant, a tooth Danta
Dawn, a gift Dana
Derw, an oak Daru, timber
Dewr, bold, brave Dhira
Drwg, bad Durgati, hell; Durga, the goddess of destruction
Duw, God Deva, a god
Dwfr, dwfyr, water Tivara, the ocean (Tiber, Tevere)
Dwr, water Uda; Greek, [Text which cannot be reproduced] Sanscrit, dhlira, the ocean; Persian, deria, dooria, the sea; Gypsy, dooria
En, a being, a soul, that which lives An, to breathe, to live; ana, breath; Irish, an, a man, fire
Gair, a word Gir, gira, speech
Gwr, a man Gwres, heat Vira, a hero, strong, fire; Lat. vir, a man; Dutch, vuur, fire; Turkish, er, a man; Heb., ur, fire
Geneth, girl Kani
Geni, to be born Jana
Gwybod, to know Vid
Hocedu, to cheat Kuhaka, deceit
Huan, the sun Ina
Ieuanc,young Youvan
Ir, fresh, juicy Irdra, juiciness Ira, water
Llances, a girl Lagnika
Lleidyr, a thief Lata
Maen, a stone Mani, a gem
Mam, mother Ma
Marw, to die Mara, death
Mawr, great Maha
Medd, mead Mad'hu, honey
Meddwi, to intoxicate Mad, to intoxicate; Mada, intoxication; Mada, pleasure; Madya, wine; Matta, intoxicated; Gypsy, matto, drunk; Gr. [Text which cannot be reproduced], wine, [Text which cannot be reproduced], to be drunk
Medr, a measure Matra
Nad, a cry Nad, to speak; Nada, sound
Nant, ravine, rivulet Nadi, a river
Neath, Nedd, name of a river; nedd, a dingle, what is low, deep (Nith, Nithsdale) Nicha, low, deep; nichaga, a river, that which descends; nitha, water
Nef, heaven Nabhas; Russian, nabeca, the heavens; Lat., nubes, a cloud
Neidiaw, to leap; Nata, to dance; Nata, dancing
Ner, the Almighty, the Lord, the Creator Nara, that which animates every thing, the spirit of God31
Nerth, strength, power Nara, man, the spirit of God; Gr. [text which cannot be reproduced], a man, [text which cannot be reproduced] strength; Persian, nar, a male; Arabic, nar, fire
Noddwr, a protector Natha
Nos, night Nisa
Pair, a cauldron Pit'hara
Ped, a foot; pedair, four Pad, a foot; pada, a quarter
Pridd, earth Prithivi, the earth
Prif, principal, prime Prabhu, a lord, a ruler
Rhen, the Lord Rajan, a king
Rhian, a lady Hindustani, rani
Rhod, a wheel Ratha, a car
Swm, being together Sam
Swynwr, a wizard, sorcerer Sanvanana, a witch; Hindustani, syani
Tad, father Tata
Tan, fire Dahana
Tant, a string Tantu
Tanu, to expand Tana
Toriad, a breaking, cutting Dari, cutting
Uchafedd, height Uchch'ya
Ych, ox Ukshan

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