More die on our roads when the car is king

"Figures published today that show the rise in the number of people killed and seriously injured on the UK's roads last year are truly shocking only when you know just how successful we had been in the past decade at reducing the volume of pain and misery experienced by thousands of people every year.

A 2% rise in the dead and injured may not sound significant to those not personally affected by a crash or collision, but it is the first
rise for 16 years. During the heyday of the so-called war on motorists, the casualty rate came tumbling down but, since budgetary cuts have begun to take their toll on road policing, safety budgets and speed cameras, the figures have started to turn upwards. In short, we are in danger of returning to the old culture in which the car is king – putting those most vulnerable on our roads, namely cyclists and pedestrians, at greater risk again."

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