Odd Boy Blues - Ted Stilles

Recorded by Ted Stilles ( for Aro Books worldwide ( for an advertisement for An Odd Boy ( by Doc Togden

 "I've been reading the new offering from Aro Books Worldwide, Doc Togden's "An odd boy volume two". It tells the true story of the blues band, Savage Cabbage. In the late 60's they were preparing to fill the void left by the breakup of Cream. Ahead of their time and filled with dreams it appears life had other plans for them...Told from the point of view of a young englishman lost in the blues, its a riveting look inside the world of four young lads trying to find their way during the height of the psychedelic blues era. A must read for the artist in all of us." -- Ted Stilles

 An Odd Boy - volume one ( from Lulu (
An Odd Boy - volume two ( from Lulu (

Image of Ted Stilles by Doc Togden


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Roads were not built for cars

"ROADS WERE NOT BUILT FOR CARS is a free e-book about roads history, focussing on the period 1880-1905, which saw the Bicycling Boom and then - pop - the start of Motoring Mania.

Motorists are the johnny-come-latelies of highway history. The coming of the railways in the 1830s killed off the stage-coach trade; almost all rural roads reverted to low-level local use. Cyclists were the first group in a generation to use roads and were the first to push for high-quality sealed surfaces and were the first to lobby for national funding and leadership for roads.

Without cyclists, motorists wouldn't have hit the ground running when it came to places to drive this new form of transport

'Roads Were Not Built for Cars' is a history book, focussing on a time when cyclists had political clout, in Britain and especially in America. The book researches the Road Improvements Association - a lobbying group created by the Cyclists' Touring Club in the 1880s - and the Good Roads movement organised by the League of American Wheelmen in the same period.

The book will be published in Winter 2012 and, thanks to research grants and advertising support, some versions of the book will be free to read online and free to download to Kindles, iPads, iPhones and other e-book readers. The free distribution model will be used in order to get the book seen by as many eyes as possible. There will also be media-rich versions of the book - and print-on-demand versions - which will be available to buy."


Ymbelydredd EP: An interview with Gwenno Saunders

"Gwenno Saunders is probably best known as one third of The Pipettes, but she's now returned to her hometown of Cardiff and recorded a fantastic Welsh language EP. Here she explains the making of Ymbelydredd."


Clearlight Bodymind Awareness

"I am lucky to practice and teach several movement, awareness and healing systems all with their own valuable benefits. I like to provide a client with a complete package of well-being, whatever they need at any given time. Sometimes it is rehabilitation from injury, trauma, stress, insomnia, fitness training, sensory exploration, letting go of thought stories, motivation, encouragement, relearning, rediscovery, vigor, strength and the space to dream, imagine, and succeed in their goals. I am constantly motivated and excited by my exceptional clients with their inspiring goals that they will achieve or have achieved through their devotion to the challenges of learning to change."


City photographer creates magazine to showcase photos that “make your heart happy”

"Cardiff photographer Sarah Hill has been a member of the photo-sharing social network Flickr since its launch in 2004. She has uploaded more than 2,000 of her own photos, but has also “favourited” more than 3,400 pictures taken by other people. After feeling frustrated that she couldn’t share the shots that she loved, she launched her own photography magazine – Télégramme – funding, designing, and putting together the high quality publication herself. Here she talks about being a photographic geek, and producing a magazine simply to create something beautiful."


I think I no how to make people or animals alive

"If [Biddy Baxter's] letter had shown any hint of ridicule or disbelief I might perhaps never have trained to become a medicalscientist or been driven to achieve the impossible dream, and really make a difference to a human being's life. I remember being thrilledat the time to have been taken seriously. Actually, even nowadays I am thrilled when people take my ideas seriously."


Timetable for an active commute

"It's time we looked at making it easier and safer to walk and cycle to stations, and there is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that this is something that not only would be good for the environment and our health..."


To SpiderOak, Freedom = Blazing Our Own Trail

"... there is no point where a SpiderOak employee, even with direct access to the servers that are storing the data, can access your information. It is a very important distinction and gives you (as an individual or a business) the freedom to upload your embarrassing videos [...] or backing up your grandma's super-secret recipes. Should the government or anyone else come busting through our digital offices, asking for grandma's recipes, we would have to give them the data by law. BUT it is encrypted and there is nothing we can do to decrypt it."


Reforest Patagonia Announces Plans to Plant One Million Trees in Chile

"An ambitious citizen campaign called Reforest Patagonia is hoping to plant one million trees in Chilean Patagonia in what has been considered the largest, most ambitious native tree reforestation campaign in the country's history. Chile was ravaged by wildfires in 2011, so the project hopes to repopulate the country's six national parks and reserves."